Second swarm at home

Swarm removal honey bees beekeeper

You can’t tell by the photo, but it’s raining, and these bees are soaked. I’m almost positive they came out of my fiber pot swarm trap in the background. But they may have come out of the spool colony. I’ll be able to tell upon closer inspection, since I marked hundreds of bees from the spool colony. If it had been a nice, sunny day, I would have shook some of these bees into a hive and watched the rest march in. But I decided today to just snip the branch, and lay them (twig and all) inside a nuc.

Two days ago, I collected a swarm a few miles from my house that issued from a nearby tree. I have a soft spot for tree bees, so I’ll be keeping them without requeening them.

Finally, I went to the house of a friend of mine to clean up a deadout and get it set up as a bait hive. Too late. A swarm had already moved in and they were dragging dead bees out, and bringing tons of pollen in.

Author: brucelovesbees

I keep honey bees in Reading, Bernville, and Fleetwood, PA without treatments. I love to garden and observe Wasps, Bumble bees, and ants. I also raise mealworms for my Eastern Spotted turtle and myself.

3 thoughts on “Second swarm at home”

    1. There were tons of small shrubs around for them to land on, but hey sometimes bees like to be awkward! I’m not even sure that they come from my hives, when some flew down they look a much lighter colour to my dark bees.

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