Really, Meghan?

In this episode, I address an article by Dr. Meghan Milbrath called “Your Bees Don’t Have to Die“. (Google it and follow along). I apologize ahead of time for some of the laughing and “whatevers”.

Author: brucelovesbees

I keep honey bees in Reading, Bernville, and Fleetwood, PA without treatments. I love to garden and observe Wasps, Bumble bees, and ants. I also raise mealworms for my Eastern Spotted turtle and myself.

9 thoughts on “Really, Meghan?”

  1. Oh I like your title! Reminds me of a local beekeeping newsletter I just read where the author starts out about how happy the bees will be when daylight savings time comes, so they’ll have more time to forage, and she’s dead serious. :). Now I have to go listen!

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  2. Absolutely brilliant podcast, thank you. I read the article and thought “what on earth….?” I laughed out loud about the looking in to the compound eyes comment 😀

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