Cringe along with me, Solomon and Mitch

This episode was recorded before the corona virus situation got serious. Just 3 beekeeping friends trying to have a serious conversation and almost succeeding.

First completed colony removal of 2020

A local tree removal company discovered a honeybee colony in a tree they felled. Rather than spray them, thankfully they went to Google and found me. I was at work when they initially called, so while they waited for me to return the call, they called a few other honeybee “rescuers”. They were quoted fees of $400 and $600 USD to come remove the bees. I told them I’d not only take them away for free, but I’ll bring all three of the guys at the job site a jar of honey (with my phone number on each jar, of course). They were very happy with this and assured me they would call me about any future honeybees they run into. I made a short video of the events that day. It got chilly very quickly that day, so I left very few bees behind. Sorry the music is so loud in this video. These bees are bringing in the pollen at home now. Soon they should swarm, and I will be ready.

2019 Swarm Recap

I made a fun little video of some of the swarms I collected in 2019. Some people think there are no bees in their area, so they think they can’t be successful acquiring swarms. This isn’t true. You just have to be motivated to go out there and get them. Swarm trapping is great, and I do that too, but getting my name out there with business cards and “word of mouth” gets me a ton of new bees to play with every year.