My first speaking engagement

I was invited to speak at the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association in Skippack, Pennsylvania about acquiring swarms. It was my first ever PowerPoint presentation in front of an unfamiliar crowd. I was very nervous for weeks before the event, but after a few minutes, I calmed down and felt pretty good about it afterwards. The next day, an attendee sent me links to videos of myself on YouTube. I didn’t even know anyone was filming! The angle and resolution of the video are a little off at times, but it’s the only copy I know of right now. So here I am, in all my glory:


Me, in the news

A lot has happened since my last post. I’ve collected many swarms, and done a few cutouts. Some were fun. Some were no fun at all. I got a call for a swarm in Pottsville, and the newspaper showed up to cover all the excitement. Read the article here.
  Two days later, Pottsville called again. About 3 blocks from the previous swarm, at a cemetery, in a tree, about 25 feet up. This one was very challenging, because I was high up in a bucket-truck and it was very windy. And it was raining. Well, the paper was there again waiting for me. Read the article here.